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Helping people to:

  • Achieve greater independence
  • Reach potential through recovery
  • Live meaningful lives in a community of choice

CR’s Community Living Program (CLP) 

Is flexible and responsive, focusing on individual skills building services.

Staff meet individuals at home or in another community setting, providing skills building services toward the development of skills necessary for managing daily life and maintaining ongoing mental health recovery.

Skills promoted through CLP include:
  • Managing mental health symptoms to avoid crisis and/or hospitalizations.
  • Maintaining a safe and clean home.
  • Money management and filling out house paperwork to avoid homelessness.
  • Using a personal calendar to keep track of scheduled appointments.
  • Utilizing public transportation and attending appointments independently.
  • Connecting with community resources.
  • Shopping for and preparing healthy meals and establishing good personal care habits.
  • Medication management, including taking medications as prescribed and obtaining refills.
  • Paying rent on time, advocating with landlords, and preparing for housing inspections.
  • Improving social skills such as anger management, communication practices, interpersonal relationships, and assertiveness.


All adults who meet the criteria for Mental Health Skills Building Services are eligible for this program.

Payment Options

We accept Medicaid or private pay.

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