Our Recovery Model

Our program is based on the stress-vulnerability model of recovery. Pioneered by Kim Mueser, this model helps us understand how mental illness (and sometimes addiction too) impacts us and what to do about it.

Some people are vulnerable to experience the symptoms of mental illness. This can be rooted in our genetics, and it affects our brain chemistry. To help, we need to:

  • Be physically healthy—eat well; rest soundly; exercise and take care of all aspects of our health
  • Stay away from alcohol and recreational drugs
  • Use medication to help with symptoms of mental illness

Stress can trigger symptoms of mental illness. To recover from serious mental illness, we need to handle all the challenges life sends us. We need to:

  • Learn and practice coping skills
  • Surround ourselves with people who support us in our recovery
  • Find meaning and purpose in our lives—have something meaningful to do each day, and have fun too

We all need basic security, so having good housing, benefits, the ability to get around the community and freedom from legal issues is also part of the LIFE and CAR programs.

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