CR’s Philosophy

CR’s services are based on the recognition that all people are self-determining individuals endowed with esteem, legal rights and the capability for achieving his or her potential.

CR believes every person should have the opportunity to:

  • exercise control of life’s choices,
  • live in and contribute to a community of his or her choosing,
  • experience the network of community and its natural supports.

Mental Health

CR embraces the philosophy that individuals can grow, change, and recover from mental illness.

CR’s Mental Health Services:

  • are recovery-oriented,
  • are community based,
  • focus on social and life skills training,
  • offer psycho-education.

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

CR’s embraces the philosophy that an individual with an intellectual disability deserves an opportunity to live, work and play in a community of choice and in a way that reflects his or her own vision for life.

CR’s Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services:

  • are individually designed to suit each person’s unique strengths and areas requiring supports,
  • consider the physical, social, emotional, vocational and cognitive needs of each person,
  • are a partnership with the individual, his or her family, and other members of his or her team,
  • seek to strengthen skills that foster increased autonomy and inclusion.


CR implements an assertive and collaborative service plan designed to fulfill each individual’s fullest developmental capability.

Emphasis is focused on increasing and maintaining adaptive living, social and coping skills, developing community and natural supports, managing psychiatric/behavioral issues, learning and reinforcing behaviors that enhance functioning, ensuring health and safety and providing access to health care and social services.

CR’s Youth Services:

  • provide initial and ongoing assessment to identify and prioritize individual needs,
  • provide service planning support and guidance to sets achievable goals and objectives based on individual strengths and desires,
  • support community integration by identifying or providing access to resources,
  • advocates for and encourages self-advocacy in each individual,
  • offers case management to ensure safe, secure and comfortable housing.
Throughout our various services, CR staff and individuals enjoy a collaborative relationship, considering each individual’s unique physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs and strengths to help define short and long term goals and objectives.