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Newbrook Integrated

Newbrook ICS is an innovative, flexible and individualized day support for adults who have exceptional behavioral support needs. Newbrook ICS provides essential behavioral, pro-social and communication supports for individuals who have not found success in more traditional center-based day programs.

Newbrook ICS fulfills the desires of individuals who seek participation in self-directed community experiences rather than programs which require group consensus or are center-based.

Those who will thrive in Newbrook ICS:

  • have communicated a desire to develop job readiness through volunteerism or classroom learning; and/or
  • have indicated a want to develop life skills such as shopping or navigating public transportation independently; and/or
  • have expressed a need for enrichment through cultural/educational activities; and/or
  • have expressed pleasure and positive behavior in community engagement and integration.
Out of the Center, Into the Community

Newbrook ICS offers:

  • Fully community-based engagement
  • 1:2 staff to individual ratio
  • Self-directed activities

Participants in the program will learn:

  • Community integration
  • Self-direction and self-advocacy
  • Job readiness
  • Life skills
  • Stress management
  • Coping skills

Every Monday through Friday, our community engagement program provides comprehensive and meaningful community immersion for a minimum of seven hours daily. Activities are guided to support the cumulative achievement of each individual’s personal goals within an unrestricted community setting.

Activity planning is supported by advocates such as guardians, case managers and Newbrook’s staff, but daily activities are unconditionally determined through the participant’s personal choice.

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