Services offered to Participants

  • Individualized and flexible community-based mental health support for up to two years
  • Support finding and maintaining a job
  • Support returning to or remaining in school
  • Individual therapeutic sessions
  • Family education and support
  • Peer support (groups and individualized)
  • Psychiatric services regarding medication
  • Support with overall health and wellness

Customized Planning

Participation in services in an individual choice. All elements of the program are uniquely customized to suit you and your situation. GetOnTrack is not “all or nothing”, certain elements may be more suitable for different points along your journey. This gives you the ability to collaboratively work with team members to build a plan that fits your needs in the moment!

Are You Experiencing Any of These

  • Hearing voices that others can not hear (auditory hallucination)
  • Seeing things that are not there for others to see (visual hallucination)
  • Feeling things on your body (sensory hallucinations)
  • Thinking someone wants to hurt you or your family
  • Having thoughts or ideas that do not fit in with the reality you live in
  • Disorganized thinking or behavior
  • Click Here for more indicators of unusual behavior and/or thoughts and disorganized thinking and/or behavior

There is Hope!

All symptoms, with the help of our team, are treatable and manageable. Do not wast time if left untreated; these thoughts, feelings, or behaviors can become worse over time.

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