How are families involved in GetOnTrack

Families can be an integral part of the treatment team and are considered equal partners in treatment planning and delivery. Families can have a positive influence on their loved one’s recovery. Research has demonstrated that family psycho-education and support can help to:

  • Reduce relapse rates
  • Improve recovery outcomes
  • Improve overall family well-being

Family psycho-education and support is provided on an individual bases and through the program’s monthly multi-family group. These groups are inteded to build upon family strengths, resilience, and relationships. Also, they are intended to provide the skills and knowledge to support their loved ones. Family groups provide knowledge about the illness and related coping strategies. Some examples of group topics include:

  • Understanding mental illness
  • Psychosis
  • Recovery and wellness
  • Engagement
  • Shared decision making
  • Communication
  • Treatment and supports
  • Medications
  • Success in employment and education

Treatment for Your Loved One is Effective

A psychiatric condition can be managed with skills, supports, and resources. Through services, your loved one may be able to return to work, school, and full independent functioning.

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