opp fund donate buttonYour gift to the Wellness and Opportunity Fund will help continue CR’s focus on individual dignity, well-being and independence. Your gift to the Fund will ensure a legacy of opportunities like those listed below.

James, a classical guitarist and former recording artist, was distressed because his guitar was damaged beyond repair. James often filled his group home with music and occasionally graced a CR event with his talents. Guitar guitarplaying brought peace into his life and provided relief from his mental health issues and needs. For weeks he was unable to play – until a donor stepped forward and bought James a brand new, top quality instrument. James’ mind and spirit were flooded with joy when he was presented with the guitar. His playing again brings James and those around him happiness and comfort.

CR resident Shawn longed to see his family members and often wished he could visit them. His closest family was half a continent away in the Midwest and he had never been to their home. Recently, donations to CR made a trip to the Midwest possible and Shawn undertook the journey that has been one of the highlights of his life. Accompanied by a caring CR staff member, Shawn enjoyed an experience many of us may have taken for granted.Shawn3

Astonished, the examining dentist could not understand why the individual in his office had not received care until now. The condition of the woman’s mouth was imperiling her overall health and could eventually lead to more dramatic medical conditions requiring extensive intervention and extraordinary costs. CR staff explained that she had only recently come into CR’s care, and that even CR may not be able to help because Virginia Medicaid pays only limited dental care expenses. Indeed, that could   explain why the individual had never received treatment. CR’s donor-funded Foundation, however, stepped up and made a grant of several thousand dollars so that she could receive the dental care so desperately needed.