Our philosophy: Individuals with challenging behavior can and will experience behavioral change with the right supports.

Behavioral support is often an integral part of an individual’s overall treatment plan and can help ensure that the individual continues to live, work, and participate in the community of their choice. Disruptive, aggressive, or socially inappropriate behavior can often prevent individuals with disabilities from gaining employment and making friends, and may limit their housing options.

CR’s behavioral services focuses on:

  • identifying the function of the problem behavior
  • developing strategies to reduce it
  • teaching more appropriate, functional behaviors

all with the goal of increasing an individual’s overall opportunity to be safe and integrate fully in their community.

CR’s behavioral expertise is rooted in Applied Behavior Analysis with a focus on supporting adults and children with disabilities and with a range of behavioral challenges. CR’s individual behavioral support services include:

  1. Assessment: Services begin with a thorough functional assessment which includes:
    • observations of the behaviors in the natural setting
    • a detailed interview with the individual and team members to gain additional information about behavioral occurrence
    • and data collection from the team
  2. Plan Development: Once the assessment is complete, a behavior support plan is developed based on the identified function of the targeted behaviors. The Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) reviews the plan with the individual and team to obtain consent and ensure there is consensus about the recommendations.
  3. Plan Training/Monitoring: The BCBA will model and demonstrate interventions, train on appropriate data collection, and will train the individual and team in-situ with ongoing monitoring to ensure the effectiveness of the interventions. Treatment changes are data driven and made when necessary.

CR’s Behavioral Services Department employs Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Positive Behavioral Support Facilitators (Credential in Virginia only), and behavior specialists with training in Applied Behavior Analysis. Staff are required to maintain both certification through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board and licensure in applicable states.

It is imperative that behavioral services be available in all individually relevant settings, including but not limited to: individual homes, apartments, or group homes, day programs or employment sites, as well as any other community settings (public areas, physician’s offices, public transportation, etc.) where the individual may have difficulty.

Funding sources for CR’s behavioral services include Medicaid Waiver Therapeutic Consultation, county or CSB contracts, and private pay. The hourly rate for behavioral services is $92.85.

For more information, please contact Julie C. Dwyer-Allen, BCBA, LBA, Director of Behavioral Services, at 703.678.7349