Exactly what kind of services does Community Residences offer?
CR offers residential (in CR houses and apartments) and community (for those living in their own home) supports to adults, youth, children and families with mental and/or intellectual disabilities, or those who are homelessness. Our efforts are designed to provide individuals with opportunities to live as independently and with as high a quality of life as possible.

Is Community Residences a government agency?
No, CR is a private nonprofit organization that contracts with government entities to provide supports.

Is Community Residences a nonprofit company?
Yes, CR is registered with the IRS as a 501(c) 3 agency that is recognized by the federal government as a nonprofit entity. Donations to CR are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

How is Community Residences funded?
The bulk of CR’s income is through Medicaid and government-funded contracts. The designated use of these resources are very specific, often tied to a particular individual and always to the provision of specified supports. These resources do not always fully cover cost, and CR relies  on individual donations, sliding scale fees, and grants to pay for otherwise unfunded services like dental and psychiatric care, prescriptions, recreation, and supplemental therapy programs like horticulture and expressive art.

Is Community Residences licensed?
CR is licensed by multiple government agencies, all of which oversee and regularly audit our operations, from the way we operate our programs to the manner in which we manage our finances. Specific licenses are available through our main office.

Where is your agency headquartered?
In Chantilly, Virginia, however, CR operates programs throughout Northern Virginia, in the Richmond area and in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

How many employees do you have and are you hiring?
Community Residences employs nearly 500 full- and part-time staff. Please visit our Recruitment page for job openings and an application. Applications are accepted only online.

How can I help?
CR has a robust volunteer program. We also accepts monetary donations in a variety of forms, from planned gifts which offer significant estate tax advantages to designated donations for specified purposes. Please visit our DONATIONS page for details and to offer your time or gift.

If I have a question not answered here, whom can I contact?
Please contact us at 703.842.2300 or submit our Contact Form. Also, please search for us at www.guidestar.org for more complete background information.

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